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Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015 at 7:54 am

1Sgt. Tim Williams, 26th Tenn. Inf. Co. K., “Hard

1Sgt. Tim Williams, 26th Tenn. Inf. Co. K., “Hard

As the campaign season winds on so too does the continued work of the DET. Each passing event presents a new opportunity to communicate and plan actions for the soldiers of the department and the East Tennessee Civil War reenacting hobby overall. Even in the quiet hours between events there is a consistent exchange of ideas among the department members. Thus far into the 2015 season and with the current national political views of the Civil War and its memory, the DET have resolved to be more unified than ever. It is not lost on the DET that they represent East Tennessee Civil War and Civil War history, both blue and gray. The many men and women who now serve together in the Department of East Tennessee are bearers of the torch and do so with honor and steadfast dedication.

During a DET campaign there are many ideas, concepts, and bridges that must be crossed in order to maintain a strong and uniformed impression. As the battles approach the voices behind the scenes work together to create a better, stronger, more informed, and trained set of soldiers to take the fields at events. People such as First Sergeant Richie Ireson work steadily to keep the ideas of the DET afloat and get the DET soldiers on the same footing militarily. Captain Phillip Bishop of the 60th Tenn. works daily at building the cohesive organization of the DET soldiers. The DET also has First Sergeant Tim Williams of the 26th Tenn. who steadily works to maintain and strengthen the lines of communication and public promotion throughout the department, as well as get the soldiers on the same footing militarily. It is a labor of love that is performed by all involved as a brotherhood of reenactors.

As the 2015 campaign moves into the fall the DET will be found throughout East Tennessee on various battlefields and events keeping Civil War history alive. Coming in September the DET will be in support of one another at Sequoyah Birthplace in Vonore, Tennessee. Then in October will be the Battle of Blountville in Blountville, Tennessee. In November will be A Walk in Their Boots and other Veterans Day events in the area with DET members present. All of the units within the DET welcome anyone interested in Civil War history to come out and support. For those who would like to become a part of the Civil War reenacting hobby the DET is always seeking new soldiers to join in.

To learn more about the Department of East Tennessee, or to get a schedule of events, or to just inquire about the hobby, you can find a wealth of information by visiting and joining the Department of East Tennessee Reenacting page on Facebook. The page now has well over 200 supporters and welcomes many more.

-Your humble and obedient servant,
1Sgt. Tim Williams, 26th Tenn. Inf. Co. K., Hardshell (DET)